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The Science of Skincare

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With advanced technology and innovative solutions, INNOAESTHETICS Age Perfection Skincare will restore your youthful glow—and your confidence. 

All skincare suffers from the same dilemma, no matter how cutting edge your ingredients are.

If they can't cross the stratum corner barrier, they can't reach the skin cells needed to affect change. INNOAESTHETICS conquered this dilemma by creating Smart GPS® (Guidance Performance System).


Smart GPS® encapsulates active ingredients and delivers them to the targeted cell groups, including across the stratum corner barrier into the deeper layers of the skin. 

Simply put, Smart GPS® means each and every ingredient is used where it is needed, how it is needed, and provides maximum benefit.


Epigenetics is the study of how human behaviours and environment influence how genes work.

INNO-EPIGEN® from INNOAESTHETICS represents ground-breaking skincare technology that promotes cellular regeneration mechanisms by boosting the production of essential cellular proteins. The result: younger, smoother looking skin.


It’s as if a younger cell functioning is suddenly switched back "on" and cells are instructed to proliferate and regenerate as if much younger.

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