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    SKU: EP009

    Epigenetic anti-aging night cream


    Sublime night cream adapts to your skin’s night rhythm to promote tissue regeneration and enhance moisture while you sleep. The epigenetic effect of Sublime Night Cream resets skin cells to restore their regenerative and proliferative properties. It adapts to your skin’s nightly rhythm to promote tissue regeneration and enhance moisture while you sleep. It helps preserve cell ability to renew (cell turnover) which is essential for better skin appearance. This cream improves all the signs of aging. The result is a fresher and younger-looking skin in the morning.


      For all skin types. 


      • Attenuated fine lines and wrinkles
      • Slows the skin aging process
      • Firms the skin
      • Boosts skin glow


      Acetyl hexapeptide‐8 with epigenetic properties modulates microRNA‐145 levels involved in the regulation of epidermal differentiation. It reduces the impact of dynamic wrinkles – those formed by repetitive contraction of the facial muscles – especially on the forehead and around the eyes. It resets cells, rejuvenates skin and enhances skin luminosity.

      Moisturizing complex: This unique complex provides skin with immediate and long-lasting moisture. The ingredients are similar to skin's Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) which both prevents TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and replaces lost moisture.

      Sodium Hyaluronate: Derived from HA, sodium hyaluronate serves as a reservoir in the skin helping to regulate moisture content, improving skin tolerance, alleviating dryness, and boosting elasticity and softness.

      Smart GPS®: exclusive to INNOAESTHETICS Laboratory, Smart GPS® is cutting edge skincare technology designed to overcome the stratum corneum’s natural resistance without damaging it. Active ingredients are released into the target cell groups for maximum therapeutic effect. 

      RECOMMENDED USE: Nightly

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