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If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that you must be flexible. Plans are laid and then life happens. This was never truer than with the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic.


Crisis is the crucible where truth emerges. This crisis was a global pandemic. It taught me many self-truths.


Believe in yourself and forgive yourself.

1.     I need structure in my life – a passion and a goal.

2.     I need to move – to workout at least 4x a week.

3.     I need a community – to have social interaction.

Without all 3 legs to the stool, it falls apart: fitness, passion, community.


Over the three years through Covid I learned the truth of this. Initially we were all locked down. The world was terrifying. There was no way to look and plan a future. There was no community as we learned to navigate our way through Zoom calls. And for me, there was no structured work as I had left my job mere days before lock-down.


Instead of this being the end, it became a wonderful new beginning. In my little community, within the largest city in Canada, we started to meet accidentally walking our dogs each day. That accident became the first part of structure; researchers, doctors, hygienists, ad execs, lawyers, retirees, and more, all in covid sweats, braving the cold, we took to the streets walking the length of our dog’s leashes apart. As the Spring thaw approached, we graduated to more intense workouts, running and using park furniture for resistance training.


Without a plan, we had reached out for the first part of the polygon: fitness. And since we were in a group, it was also the start of community. A passion grew out of the other two, I formed a wider connection by creating a new community blog Built around our stories, community events and home tours, the blog became the centre of community life. We celebrated each other, provided support for each other in times of crisis and enjoyed our special little community on a ravine.


I’m a fuller person now than I was at the beginning of Covid. I am loved and allow myself to love. I also understand my need for structure, which was the birth of NEXT CHPTR CHATS.


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